Hans Oksendahl

Software Engineer and Product Designer

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I am a veteran agile developer and UX designer living in San Francisco. I am pasionate about technology and its capacity to shape the way humans think and interact. My past work includes: * A [3D modeling environment](http://hox.io/slogo/demo03.html) for teaching children to code * A [mobile game](http://hox.io/twitterpated) about [spreading the love](https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/758183445/twitterpated?ref=card) * [Research software](http://www.globallometree.org/) for the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations * A [mobile application](http://hox.io/molcalc) for lazy chemists * An [online data storage app](http://mudb.herokuapp.com) * A [parser generator](https://github.com/hansoksendahl/cowbird) for writing languages which compile to JavaScript * [Commercial](http://www.goforthgill.com/) [websites](http://www.hermanson.com) * A [distributed database](http://hox.io/bubblehash), a [sad taco](http://hox.io/sadtaco), and more...


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Curriculum Vitae

I received my Bachelor of Science degree from the Evergreen State College in 2014. My studies included upper-division coursework in computer science, analytical chemistry, microbiology, ecology, hydrogeology, GIS, and theoretical mathematics.

I am a candidate for the Master of Environmental Studies at the Evergreen State College.
Currently on academic leave.